The 2021 Monaco Grand Prix has been cancelledat the Circuit de Monaco with unprecedented accessTHU 20 MAY - SUN 23 MAY 2021
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The 2021 Monaco Grand Prix
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Circuit de Monaco: 2021 Grand Prix Race Track

Circuit de Monaco

A look at the history, mechanical setup of the teams, and interesting facts surrounding the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Circuit de Monaco happens to stage one of the most important races on the F1 calendar – the Monaco Grand Prix. It remains as one of the best street circuits. It was also the first of its kind as a result of hosting races since 1929. As a result, overtaking opportunities are limited and it makes qualification extremely important when it comes to the Monaco circuit.

Characteristics of the Circuit De Monaco

There are different facets of the circuit which makes it unique. There elevation changes which make it difficult to make overtaking manures. The extremely tight and slow corners test the skill of the drivers to the maximum. As the cars head into a tunnel, and the landscape such as from a brightly lit day into a dark situation and then bright again. Immediately at the end of the tunnel is a hard braking point, which offers a great overtaking point this Monte Carlo F1 track. Since there are very little overtaking points in the course, teams tend to focus on pit strategies in order to gain places.

Even though there have been several land acquisitions to improve the space, the Monaco race circuit continues to be cramped – especially in the pit garages.

Circuit de Monaco Map
Characteristics of the Circuit
The official name of the track Circuit de Monaco
Location Monte Carlo, Monaco
Geographical coordinates 43°44′5″N 7°25′14″E
Capacity 37,000
The length of the route 3.337 km (2.074 mi)
The number of turns 19
The lap record in the race 1:17.939 (Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, 2016)
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Setting up the Car

The mechanical setup of the car plays a huge role in the success of an F1 race. This need is amplified when it comes to this race, as the Monaco Grand Prix circuit is highly challenging and demanding. There are various elevation changes which need to be taken into account. An even bigger challenge might be the combination of tight corners and fast straights – especially in the tunnel. The team’s favour a high downforce setup, which makes it easier to take the tight corners. Rather than focusing on the aerodynamic benefits from a high downforce, teams tend to use this setup in order to provide better stopping times for the Monaco track corners.

As the overall race speed is substantially lower than at a purpose-built track, cooling becomes a major issue. Teams use of strategies like closer gear ratios, track specific radiator adjustments to provide extra airflow, and a steering rack with a low turning radius. It would not be surprising to see teams use exclusive parts for the Monaco F1 Track. Even though a lot of braking action is required during each lap, the lower speed of the circuit means that brake wear is not a problem at this Grand Prix.

Monaco Grand Prix Route: Interesting Facts

The Monaco F1 circuit has generated some interesting elements in almost 77 years of history. They are:

  • This race has witnessed the lowest number of finishes (4) and it has occurred twice in its history – 1966 and 1996.
  • The Monaco Grand Prix course witnessed the oldest ever person to start an F1 race. Louis Chiron was 55 years old when he finished the Monaco Grand Prix in 1995. Even though he finished fifth in the race, the Lancia driver was lapped five times by eventual winner Maurice Trintignant.
  • A driver will be making over 5000 gear changes in the course of the race, as he would average around 54 gear changes in each lap.
  • The unique location of the Monaco Grand Prix route makes it possible for residents to watch the race from the comfort of their balconies. The Ermanno Palace Penthouse, however, is regarded as the best place to witness the race.
  • McLaren has been the dominant constructor when it comes to the race. They have managed 15 wins in the history, almost double that of Ferrari’s tally of eight.
  • Michael Schumacher has completed the most number of laps at Monaco – 435.
  • Nigel Mansell went 104 laps at the Monaco race circuit without winning the race.
  • Drivers spend only 42% of the race on full throttle, as most of the time, they are tackling slow corners.
  • The tunnel presents a unique problem when it rains. Since the inside of the tunnel would remain dark and dry, the wet tyres used elsewhere would rapidly deteriorate in the high-speed tunnel. This call upon one of the iconic moments in 1984 when former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone used local fire crews in order to wet the interior of the tunnel during an extremely wet race.

The Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit remains as one of the best in the world, and not just because of the incredible landscape you can delight yourself with if you go there as a visitor, but because of the royal environment, the race is set in. Whether you want to watch the stunning event in a live streaming video or you want to go there, you'll have the fun of your life.

The 2021 Monaco Grand Prix has been cancelledat the Circuit de Monaco with unprecedented accessTHU 20 MAY - SUN 23 MAY 2021
This race starts in:
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