The 2020 Monaco Grand Prix has been cancelledat the Circuit de Monaco with unprecedented accessTHU 21 MAY - SUN 24 MAY 2020
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The 2020 Monaco Grand Prix
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Monaco Grand Prix—A New Date?

With the COVID-19 virus making its way from country to country, it can be worrisome about which events will still be held open. Many countries have gone into a state of emergency while banning events for over 50 people and travelling flights. With this much of a scare, you may be concerned if you’ve bought a ticket or were planning to attend the event.

As of earlier this week, F1 recently updated its calendar to announce that the Monaco Grand Prix coronavirus outbreak was cancelled Friday. Unfortunately, this means that anyone who planned to attend will not be able to due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Monaco GP: Formula One Chiefs to Discuss New Date

It was initially announced that the race between Monaco, Dutch, and Spanish Grand Prix was to be postponed. However, with great sadness, they made the decision that the races will be cancelled entirely. This will help keep everyone healthy during the outbreak.

Initially, the race was supposed to start on the 21st of May and last until the 24th of May. The competition has been held every single year without delay since 1955. Since the cancellation, one Chief stands up to give a statement.

It reads, “This situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and its widely unknown evolution, the complete lack of understanding as to the impact on the F1 coronavirus news and the World Championship 2020, these all have to be tackled. There is uncertainty for all teams, but governments took differing measures of confinement all over the globe, and the multi-border restrictions for accessing Monaco, plus the volunteers (over 1600) and workforce required for the success of the event means that the situation is no longer tenable.”

The FIA has then accounted that they will begin a new 2021 rules that have been deferred until 2022. This will help work on revising the calendar and keep it ongoing.

F1 Chiefs Plan to Salvage Monaco Grand Prix From Coronavirus Blitz

F1 chiefs want to salvage the race and are doing their best to change the events of the 2020 calendar year. The leaders are currently trying to communicate with the Automobile Club de Monaco and see if there can be a change in date. As of right now, no new dates have been named or set.

However, Carey and his colleagues are all facing stiff resistance to moving the race from the traditional Monaco Grand Prix on the 24th of May slot. They want to do their best to keep the race up, but they also do not want to move or change their countries traditions. Overall, we can only keep updated on what will happen to the Monaco Grand Prix race of 2020.

Updated Formula 1 Calendar

If we take a closer look at the Monaco calendar, it is clear as day that the event has been cancelled. If the event has been cancelled, then there is little to no chance of it popping up at a later date. However, officials work hard to try and see if they can switch to another date with a different track.

While this does shed some light on the situation, we still say it’s too early to celebrate. If you were attempting to visit the event, even if it goes through massive travel bans have already been put in place, and you will most likely not get to see it up close.


The best we can do is hope to see some alternative reach the F1 committee. They are pushing for races to go through still, but have online coverage. This will still allow spectators to pay for their seating and support the race.

They will also be able to cheer on their favourite racers and place bets as per usual. A small selected few may be able to watch behind closed doors due to the fear of COVID-19, but those who do attend will have to follow laws per the event.